30 Must-Know Baking Hacks

Love baking so much that you can’t get enough of it? Here are some tips and tricks that will make your baking life easier and make your kitchen more efficient

Baking Essentials

A New Gen Baker is a smart baker. Always ready to bake when the occasion calls for it, or the mood strikes, preparedness is key to everything.

Glossary of Baking Terms

Know these terms by heart, and you will find reading recipes, and your baking life in general will be much easier.

Sweet Coffee Pairings

No matter how busy your day gets, it’s always a good idea to set aside some “me time.” Whether it’s for an hour or more, everyone deserves an afternoon break, and nothing says, “break time” more than a steaming cup of coffee with something sweet to nibble on.

Sweet Loafs for a Sweeter 2018

Now, everyone is focused on making a list of things they want to do differently or things they want to do but never have this 2018. Why not add bread making to that list?

Have a Crinkle Christmas

Whether you leave cookies and milk out for Santa or not, cookies are a must-have for the season. Kids just adore cookies.

Cake Flour Vs. All-Purpose Flour

Why are there different kinds of flour? What is cake flour? If you are a New Gen Baker like us, you’ve come across these, and similar questions related to baking, and the specific flour needed for each recipe.