5 Reasons All-Purpose Flour is Pure Magic!

What’s the big deal about all-purpose flour? At first sight, most people think it’s just plain white powder. But we’ll have you know this simple ingredient is the reason why those cookies your mom bakes taste like heaven! Here’s why.


#1 It holds everything together

Say what again? As difficult as it may seem for something so light and powdery to be the building blocks of a loaf of bread, it’s true.

To keep things simple, flour contains proteins. When mixed with wet ingredients, they form gluten, which makes dough elastic. When combined with baking soda or yeast it has a chemical reaction forming gases. What then? This is the magic behind rising dough, an essential in baking bread that looks and tastes good.


#2 It’s versatile

There’s more than one type of flour. Cake flour, pastry flour, and bread flour are just some variations, and their names pretty much tell you what they’re used for.

Pizza Vegetariana

The amazing thing about all-purpose flour is that it can substitute for those three. All you need to do is add cornstarch.

You can use it for biscuits, cookies, crusts for pizza or pie, and of course, bread.


#3 It’s a thickener

Nobody likes watery custard or pudding, and flour is the go-to thickener. Not limited to these sweet confections, it does the job for gravy, soup, and sauces, too!


#4 It makes your baking tools sparkle

Did you know that flour can shine stainless steel? Think of your cake rings, cookie sheets, wire whisk, and your kitchen sink, too. You don’t need to mix it up with other ingredients either. Simply add flour to what you want to clean, and buff it as much as you want with a clean cloth after washing and drying.


#5 The proof is in the products

If you take a look at our recipes section, you’ll notice call for all-purpose flour. It’s a NewGen Baker staple that plays a big role in making our signature baked goods chewy, fluffy, flaky, and delicious. We prefer to use Maya All-Purpose Flour because it contains 9 to 10% protein and contains high quality wheat that is sourced abroad.

We’re not going to let you go without giving you some of our favorite recipes to add to your baking bucket list. Their common factor? Maya All-Purpose Flour as a main ingredient.

Keep this article in mind for the next time you bake and you’ll see how all-purpose flour is more than plain white powder. It’s the magic in baking!

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