8 Ingredients Every Baker Should Have in Their Kitchen

We’ve tackled lots of baking tips and tricks in our past posts. But now we’re giving you the lowdown on the ingredients you should stock up on for baking delicious goodies.


#1 Eggs

These are more than a baking staple. You can prepare them in a variety of ways for breakfast, lunch, dinner, as a side dish, or as part of your recipe.

Eggs are essential when it comes to baking. They provide volume when beaten and bind other ingredients together. The yolk gives texture and a rich flavor, while the whites keep your goodies moist.


#2 Sugar

Sugar isn’t all about sweetness. It also adds texture and moisture. Ever wonder what makes cakes and cookies crunchy? Yup, it’s sugar alright! Combined with other ingredients, it’s a “leavener,” meaning it contributes to your bread dough rising like it should.


#3 Milk

A creamy, yummy, and healthy drink, but when you use it in baking, you can expect a moist and flavorful product. It also strengthens your dough or batter. Use whole milk for extra richness.


#4 Shortening

Unsalted butter is a mainstay of baking. Also known as “fat,” shortening can serve as a substitute. It’s made of vegetable oil and makes what your baking softer. It’s also what gives cookies a stable shape.

#5 Baking Powder

A combination of starch and baking soda, it’s one of the magic ingredients in a good loaf of bread. Instead of using two ingredients to help your dough rise, this one will do on its own. Careful though: using too much can give your bread a bitter taste.


#6 Vanilla

This ingredient is a great addition to any baking mixture. It’s aromatic and adds a distinct flavor. We suggest using pure vanilla extract, but you can also try experimenting with vanilla bean.


#7 Salt

Salt is synonymous with flavor, and not just for your savory dishes. It makes the color of flour last longer, not to mention the flavor. It plays an important role in bread baking by making the gluten in dough more stable. It’s shocking how bland your recipe will taste if you forget to add to salt. Table salt with fine granules is best for baking, but iodized salt works, too.


#8 Flour

We saved the most important ingredient for last. Flour is the super hero of bakers everywhere. You can use it in everything from bread to cookies to cake to muffins. The list is endless!

There are many kinds, but your best bet is All-purpose Flour (our favorite is Maya). It will hold all the ingredients together, and without it, there would be no gluten. Without gluten your bread would be flat. Click here to learn more about why flour is important.

These ingredients are absolutely essential in any baker’s pantry, because you’ll never know when the baking bug will hit next. Got another essential baking ingredient? Share it by commenting below!

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