Sweet Joy by Caryl


With January being her birth month, we decided to do a special feature on CARYL JOY PEREZ of SWEET JOY BY CARYL.

This was upon the recommendation of Caryl’s friend, SJ Valdez, who also featured on NewGenBaker.com some time ago. (Read about SJ and her adventures as an All-Around Pinay Mama here.) SJ wanted us to join her in greeting Caryl a Happy, Happy Birthday!

Although she claims she is still at the early stages of her craft, baking already runs in Caryl’s blood. She specializes in super delicious party treats, at par with those sold at famous bakeshops and stalls in malls. Her cupcakes start at Php 35.oo each,  already way cheaper than those sold commercially, but without scrimping on flavor.


As a child, she fondly remember her mom and aunt baking the family’s cakes. Her relatives on her father’s side are bakers too. And it was Caryl’s baker cousin who encouraged to pursue her passion as a pastry chef, reminding her that you can enjoy affordable great-tasting baked goodies if you bake them yourself.


Caryl’s desire to take her baking to the next level was triggered after she ordered a box of Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cheese Frosting at Php75.00 each. Unsatisfied with the taste, she thought to herself, “I can do better than this!” and promptly enrolled in a baking class in Cabanatuan City. The rest is history.


Currently, Caryl caters to friends and loved ones who don’t want to purchase extremely expensive cupcakes for their special occasions. She would love to introduce her goodies to everyone here at New Gen Baker, and believes that the best way to be known is through word of mouth.


Caryl knows that being a baker comes with a lot of demands and requires perseverance and hard work, and that investing in good baking tools and equipment is key! Caryl also recommends furthering your knowledge by enrolling in baking courses and, of course, baking regularly. It might break your wallet, but Caryl swears that it’s all worth it.

Visit SWEET JOY BY CARYL’s page here or get in touch via mobile at 0929-25253o4.

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  1. Thank you so much, New Gen Baker! This feature will surely make my friend, Caryl, very, very happy! More power! God bless…

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