Separating Egg Yolks from Egg Whites


Some recipes call for egg whites or egg yolks alone. Here’s a simple yet effective #NewGenBaker method that will show that this is much easier than you think.

Chill the eggs (optional). Eggs that come straight from the fridge have fuller whites, as compared to those coming from room temperature which are runnier and more messy using this particular method.

Crack the centermost part of the egg. Crack the egg along the fattest part of the shell on the edge of a bowl or a good, hard surface. Make each half as even as you can to the other so you can easily transfer the yolk.

Carefully break apart the shell. Hold the egg over a bowl and slowly pull the shells apart, until the egg breaks into two halves. Make one egg shell slightly lower than the other to make the yolk fall into it.

Transfer the yolk from shell to shell. Transfer the intact yolk back and forth between the two egg shells, and let the egg white drip from the shell into the bowl below.

Drop the yolk in another bowl. Once the egg whites have all dripped into a bowl, drop the egg yolk into another.

Remove fallen egg shells. For any egg shell fragments that fall into the bowl, use one of the egg shell halves to scoop them out.

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