Presidential Brownies


The 2016 Philippine presidential election is fast approaching. We will be pinning our hopes and dreams to someone who can continue our economic successes, address a multitude of national and international challenges facing us, and steer our country to a brighter and more prosperous tomorrow.

As a tribute to this tightly contested poll, we came up with a selection of Presidential Brownies which personifies the five candidates that we have available.

Choose wisely, and tell us which brownie you like best.

Witty White Pearl Brainy Brownies
The first of our brownies, bedecked with pearls, is very simple to prepare and consistent in its taste and texture.


Right-Way Dried Mangoes and Pops Brownies
Having some of these brownies, topped with dried mangoes and rice pops, is definitely a step in the right direction.


Poor Man’s Chocolate-Covered Candy Brownies
This batch of brownies is sure to be popular with the masses.


Fierce Red Chocolate Chunks and Chili Brownies
These chili flavored brownies will give you that extra kick you need to get through the day.


Brownies Made with a Heart Topped with Perils
Beautiful, classy and simply delicious. We’re not quite sure if it should be included on this list, though.


We hope you enjoy these Presidential Brownies. The future of our merienda depends on it.

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