Alexa Stirs Up Macarons


My name is Alexa Remigio. I am 9 years old and live with my family in Tyler, Texas, USA. I am in third grade.

I started baking when I was just 3 years old. I used to help my parents make Beignets, a kind of French doughnut.

Alexa Remigio New Gen Baker

I loved baking even more when I started watching baking shows on TV. The recipes were very pretty to me, and I wanted to try them myself.

My baking inspiration is the movie, “American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success“. Grace inspired me because she was positive, even in bad times. I wanted to be a baker just like her.

Alexa Remigio New Gen Baker

Reading books about other bakers like me, also inspire me to keep on baking.

My family and I usually bake on weekends, but we mostly bake on Sunday. My favorite recipes are Meringues, Cookies, Muffins,and Macarons.


My most challenging recipe was making cookies in the shape of cupcakes. I couldn’t get them to look the way I wanted them to.

My most memorable baking experience was making my very first Macaron with Mom, and the Macarons turning out perfect.


Someday, I plan to have a business with my four friends, Annie, Kate, Caitlyn, and Sterling. My baking goals are to have a bakery that is very popular and make my own recipes from scratch.


A baking tip for me is that you will never fail in baking unless you give up.

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