2 ½ cups  MAYA All-Purpose Flour, plus more as needed for kneading
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon  salt
1/3 cup water
1/3 cup  milk
1  egg white
30g  olive oil
egg whites, beaten, as needed
white sesame seeds, as needed
poppy seeds, as needed


Preheat the oven to 400°F/205°C. In a bowl, combine flour, sugar and salt. Add water, milk, egg white and olive oil. Knead until a smooth dough is formed. Divide into 2 equal portions and roll out on a surface until paper thin. Use flour to prevent the dough from sticking. Place on ungreased baking trays and brush with beaten egg whites. Sprinkle with sesame and poppy seeds before baking for 10-13 minutes or until browned.


2 flat breads

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