Johann Ang: The Dad Who Could Bake


My name is Johann T. Ang. I learned how to cook, from my mom, when I was very young. I love to eat, and I love to feed my family of five.

I just started baking late last year, and experimented quite a lot since then. What initially inspired me to go into baking was the thought of becoming self-sufficient by making my own bread. My kids, loving the bread I make, adds tremendously to my drive. Making my own wine and curing my own ham will come next.

Every home baker that I hear about or see on TV — the ones that make their own bread in their own kitchens. I consider them as influences.

When I initially began, I was baking about every one or two weeks. I have gotten quite busy lately, so it is a bit less now.

I guess you could say that Beer bread is my signature recipe. It is quick and easy to make. It uses beer, and you don’t really need to measure ingredients that accurately. I always say it’s a guy’s bread to make.

Crusty bread left to rise overnight before hitting the oven. Beer Bread using Cerveza Negra.

Apart from the beer bread, I would say the man tou (or cua pao) is another favorite of mine — although I don’t know if that really counts since I actually steam them.When it comes to baking challenges, I find it most difficult to work with yeast. It’s the waiting that poses the biggest hurdle to an impatient guy like me.

Most memorable baking experience? That would be when I first saw the satisfied look in my kids’ faces as they bit into the bread that I made. Those were priceless.

Baking goal: To bake and eat as much bread as I want without the need to buy bigger pants.

I leave you with this baking tip. “Don’t be afraid to experiment. What’s the worst that can happen?”

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