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My name is Cybs Javier-Manlapaz. I am currently self-employed, helping my clients produce and manage their corporate communications materials such as annual reports, brochure, websites, etc. I work from home 90{60fb7bb3feb7ca1d157348b1e5bdf24b7617c8fcfd1fa5b79d4d537ae2d69000} of the time, which is challenging with a rambunctious and on-the-go three and a half year old daughter, and an attention-seeking six year old golden retriever.


My family has always loved eating, cooking, and baking. In 1937, my grandparents Elo Sr. and Lettie Javier put up a bakery in Kamuning, Quezon City called… wait for it… Kamuning Bakery. So my clan has always grown up with freshly-baked goods. I think all our get-togethers are full of carbs: rice, pasta, and bread.

I began cooking as early as 10 or 12 years old, puttering around the kitchen, helping out, etc. I tried baking once or twice as a teen and I didn’t like it. It was too exact. It was too organized. It was too Zen. So I only got into baking last year when my daughter became obsessed with her first Play Doh set: a cupcake maker.


Now that I’m older and less dramatic and passionate (reference: the book “Like Water for Chocolate”), I have come to appreciate the focus, organization and PATIENCE needed in baking. I know it sounds very cheesy, but I have come to love baking for two reasons: because of the family history and because my daughter LOVES it. If I had promised her the day before that we will bake today, she will NOT STOP to remind me.


I bake about once or twice a month, it will get into my daughter’s head that she wants to bake. Our latest baking experiment are cupcakes because she wants “cupcakes with wain-bow (rainbow) spinkles (sprinkles).

I love muffins and cupcakes. My friend gave me an awesome tip: I begin with a basic recipe for the base then each muffin pan will have a different flavor. For now, I’m focused on simple recipes such as muffins, cupcakes, cheesecakes and puddings. I’m still very intimidated by fluffy cakes and breads. I won’t bother with anything that requires piping frosting or icing.


I also try to make them pet-friendly because I have an over-eager taste tester, Tony the golden retriever. So I’ve used carob as a chocolate substitute.


I happily choose my battles. I don’t try to bake complicated cakes and pastries. I have no qualms using mixes. And when baking with a three year old? Prepare EVERYTHING then let go. She’s a messy baker and I dislike messes. But her joy at making something trumps my obsessive need to keep the dining table clean. .

Most memorable baking experience: When that muffin rose to glorious heights, puffing up and cracking just a little bit with that brown sugar streusel on top! Then Alessa cried out “THE MUFFINS ARE READDYYYYY!”


Number one baking tip? Read the recipe. Read it again. But seriously, my number one baking tip is to sift. If the recipe says to sift at least once, I sift twice. Huge difference!

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