5 Tips for Softer Heavenly Brownies

Even experienced bakers know how difficult it is to whip up the perfect brownie. It’s the little things that help you avoid batches that are overcooked or half baked. That’s why we’ve asked our resident experts for essential tips on how to get your brownies soft and gooey.


Tip #1 Choose the Right Pan

Hard to believe, but this is so true. Your choice of baking pan can make all the difference. A dark-colored pan can make the edges of your brownies burn faster. So, choose a lighter-colored pan. Glass does the trick, too.

Also, choosing a larger pan than what the recipe calls for can make them bake faster. A smaller pan has the opposite effect, which could result in soft brownies, but not in a good way.


Tip #2 Submerge Your Pan in Cold Water

It’s a common misconception that pulling them out of the oven before it’s time yields softer brownies. While you might get the right consistency, you also run the risk of raw centers.

Your brownies actually don’t stop cooking after you take them out of the oven. So, before pulling them out, prepare a larger tin with about one inch of cold water and some ice cubes. When their done, submerge your brownie pan in the cold water to halt the cooking process and say hello to gooey softness!


Tip #3 Invest in an Oven Thermometer

Remember that not all ovens are the same. Even if you set it at the temperature your recipe calls for, it still might not be as accurate as you need it to be, and you could end up with hard brownies.

An oven thermometer helps you ensure the temperature is right. and this small investment can go a long in making the perfect batch.


Tip #4 Don’t Rely Solely on Your Oven

You might have nailed the right temperature, but you still need to check your brownies for doneness.

After about 20 minutes of baking, carefully stick your hand in the oven and use your finger to press on the center to test the firmness of your goodies. Then take a toothpick and stick it in the center. Your toothpick will most likely have a coating of wet batter. Continue testing every 10 minutes. When your toothpick has a coating of moist (not wet) crumbs, your batch is good to go.


Tip #5 Aim for Dense Batter

The denser the batter, the moister your brownies. An electric mixer might make it less dense, so use a good old-fashioned wooden mixing spoon to fold your ingredients well and fully combine them.

Let us know if these tips work out for you by leaving a comment below. The same goes for any tips that you want to share with your fellow brownie bakers!

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