4 Reasons Your Kids Should Take Culinary Classes This Summer

For most kids, classes are either over or about to end. Summer has arrived, and your family may be among those prepping for a trip to the beach, the mountains, or even out of the country.

However, it’s important to consider what your kids can do in between those fabulous getaways. A common answer is summer classes, but let’s get real, most kids cringe at the mere mention of it. That’s why you need to enroll them in classes that allow them to create and share what they’ve made with family and friends to make sure they’re fully engaged.

We’ve broken it down to four great reasons why your kids’ summer schedule should include culinary classes.

#1 It Teaches Them Discipline

Cooking and baking are all about following instructions, and culinary class teaches kids the importance of rules. They also learn how to maintain a clean and orderly kitchen; lessons they can apply to every day life.

Check out the Maya Kitchen’s Kid’s Culinary Boot Camp this May. In just four days, your kids will learn the essentials of cooking and baking with age-appropriate recipes and techniques.


#2 It’s a Good Bonding Activity

Who says parents can’t have fun this summer, too? By enrolling in a culinary class with your child, you get to spend time together as a family, and have a hand in teaching the sprouts how to cook or bake.

The Parent and Child Weekend Bonding Cooking class and Parent and Child Weekend Bonding Baking Class allow you to have a hand in how your kids learn to whip up delicious dishes. And you can cap off this amazing activity by enjoying the fruits of your labors together!


#3 It Teaches Social Skills

Most culinary classes are a group activity, and your kids get to work with others their age and create friendships that can last a lifetime.  This is a great venue to develop teamwork and communication skills, help them build adult relationships, and prepare them for college and beyond.

The Young Adults Culinary Class is a 4-day workshop and is a great option that promises to be exciting, fun, and productive. It’s a wonderful way to spend the summer for kids who are coming of age.


#4 It Makes for an Unforgettable Experience

Many of our most lasting childhood memories involve food. Kids will always look back fondly on their favorite meals, desserts, and baon they grew up with, so go the extra mile and create unique memories with them.

Celebrate your special day by enrolling as a family in our Bake Magic Together Father’s Day Celebration or our special class for Mother’s Day.

Whether you’re a parent or kid, you have every reason to learn to cook and bake. So what are you waiting for? Share this post with friends and family and enroll in a Maya Kitchen summer class today!

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