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Tiny Cakes by Andy is the brainchild of Anne Bulosan-De Sahagun.  It all started in April 2013 when Anne, together with her family, decided to bake a cake for their ‘lola’ (grandmother) who was at the final stages of Colon Cancer.

Her ‘lola’ whom she fondly called ‘Nanay’ (mother), served as a cooking and baking inspiration to her when she was younger — making Pandesal, Shepherd’s Pie, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, and Chicken Turnover, among others.

Although she had difficulty tasting the cake due to her condition, ‘Nanay’ still obliged so that she could give her valuable feedback. Her comment was, “It’s good, but the royal icing is an epic fail. Try again.”

Tiny Cakes by Andy 1

Anne with her beloved ‘Nanay’

‘Nanay’ passed away soon after, but before she did, she shared all that she knew about life and baking, and gifted Anne with something she could use for her home baking business — an electric oven that was older than she was! “I still use it until now.” Anne confesses.

Tiny Cakes by Andy was soon born, and slowly started gaining customers. Thanks in part to their Online Baking Shop on Facebook, they bake almost everyday in order to fulfill their orders.

By far, their most popular recipe is the Chocolate Cupcake. Customers tell us that it is really delicious, not too sweet, and “hindi nakaka-umay.” (You won’t get tired of eating it.)

Tiny Cakes by Andy 4

“We do not have a signature recipe, but we love modifying the ones we find online, or in cookbooks, to fit our taste, and the taste of our customers.”

The biggest baking challenge Anne has had so far, was via a special request from her husband’s officemate. He wanted a Sweet Potato Cake. At first, Anne found it weird since it was the first time she heard of such a cake. After searching the internet, she was able to execute the recipe successfully, and to the satisfaction of the customer.

Tiny Cakes by Andy 2

Anne has a simple yet very important goal — to constantly achieve quality output, with 100{60fb7bb3feb7ca1d157348b1e5bdf24b7617c8fcfd1fa5b79d4d537ae2d69000} customer satisfaction. Her number one baking tip — “Use quality ingredients for a quality result.”

Tiny Cakes by Andy 3

Not-So-Weird Sweet Potato Cake

For inquiry or orders visit Tiny Cakes by Andy at Facebook.com/tinycakesbyandy or call / text 0920-2675280 / 0946-9097142.

Tiny Cakes by Andy

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