The Benefits Of Family Baking

Here at New Gen Baker, we believe there’s a place for kids in the kitchen.

The smell of fresh, homemade, baked goods is a powerful memory many of us share. And we believe it’s important to pass on those happy memories to those closest to us.

For us, baking is a wonderful way to strengthen family ties while creating learning experiences for everyone. Our products are more than just ingredients; they are part of a recipe that creates opportunities for families to spend quality time together through baking.

Our goal is to provide you with a step-by-step plan to get the whole family involved in making delicious food that everyone can enjoy, going beyond just supplying you with recipes. And with Maya’s line of flours and mixes, we make your job that much simpler!

By being part of the process, your kids can gain an even deeper appreciation for your baked creations, making the finished product doubly delicious! Involving them in the baking process has immeasurable benefits that teach them invaluable life skills they can make use of well into adulthood.By doing so, you also introduce your kids to new food and new experiences, and further empower them to engage in ‘grown-up’ activities.

It’s our exposure to food that helps us develop our taste preferences. By introducing your kids to new things, you can foster a more adventurous appetite and instill a sense of experimentation. Sensory aspects of food such as texture, smell, taste, and how the dish looks all work to deepen their appreciation for the food they eat.

Baking is a great way to help your kids develop basic skills. It’s not just about how to make a cake. You can encourage reading and following instructions just by going over a recipe, and they can learn about product labels to give them an understanding of what they are eating.

Their math skills can come into play through measuring and counting, how to double or half a recipe, and depending on their grade level, you can even help them figure out how to calculate the cost for a batch of brownies.

Even just pouring batter onto a tray helps their visual and spatial perceptual skills, as well as hones their coordination.

Take it a step further and include some scientific principles, such as the role yeast plays in making bread, and how the number of eggs can affect the finished product. Give them room to experiment and the courage to tweak recipes as they develop their skills.

By working together with your kids, you help them build relationships with others who are involved in the process, whether it’s with you, with siblings, or friends.

In addition, you’re able to cultivate an understanding of hygiene and food safety, and teach them foresight and time management as they learn how to prepare things ahead of time.

Perhaps most importantly, you foster a love for baking. In the end, you can show them how much simpler, cheaper, and more rewarding it can be to make their favorite treats from scratch.

Get them involved in creating items for their snacks at school or when they go out, which can also help reduce your grocery bill in the long run.

Also, you give your kids a little control over what they’re doing, promoting their independence and endowing them with some measure of responsibility. Once they know their way around the kitchen without assistance, you forge your kids’ deep yearning for even more freedom and responsibility.

Give your kids some credit and discover for yourself what they’re capable of. Baking doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it could potentially be a calling. And who knows? Maybe someday your child could be part of a new generation of bakers.


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