Steaming with Mrs. Zarate


Hello! I’m Mrs. Zarate, 27 years old, from Platero, Biñan City, Laguna. I am what you would call a plain housewife.

I started baking not too long ago. Right after I finished my TESDA course in ‘Bread and Pastry Production,’ I proceeded in earning my NCII since I’ve always wanted to get into baking. I’ve loved cakes ever since I was a child.


I don’t have any celebrity inspirations. My mentors, and whom I consider my teachers are ‘Mommy,’ my best friends’ moms, and my cousin, who are all accomplished bakers in their own right.

I bake at least once a month. I make sure to include my favorite recipes like Chocolate Moist Cupcake and Cheese Cupcake.


I don’t have an oven yet since I’m just starting out, but I don’t let that minor detail stop me.  I use a steamer!

The most memorable recipe I’ve ever worked on is Choco Moist Rocky Road. My mom and I couldn’t stop laughing after seeing my labor of love complete with melted marshmallow toppings.


I only have one baking goal right now — AN OVEN!

My number one baking tip? STEAM.

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