Bake it Easy with These 6 Useful Baking Hacks

Anybody can learn how to bake, but as with all skills worth learning, there are challenges. However, there are ways to make tackling them so much easier. After years of baking, we at New Gen Baker have accumulated tips and tricks of the trade that we want to share with you. These will save you some time and effort while turning out your delicious bakes.


#1 How to Soften Frozen Butter in a Jiffy

There are tons of recipes that call for butter that’s at room temperature. If you’re pressed for time and your butter is frozen solid, then this baking hack is your go-to.

All you need is a zip lock bag and a rolling pin. Place your butter inside and seal it shut. Then, use your rolling pin to get your butter down to a thin layer. Don’t be afraid to use force, too. Once done, simply open the bag and scoop out the softened butter with a spatula.


#2 Achieve That Perfect Slice

We all want our pies or cakes to look as good sliced as they do whole. All you need is a knife and hot water. Place the blade under running hot water to heat it up. Wipe it and cut your pie, cake, or fudge bars. Watch as your knife slides easily into your baked goodies. Voila! You have that cookbook photo perfect slice to serve up.


#3 Make Whipped Cream Extra Fluffy

Is there a way to make whipped cream even fluffier? The answer is yes. Pop your beater and mixing bowl in the refrigerator or freezer for a bit to chill. Don’t forget to chill your cream, too. Then, get mixing. You’ll be pleased to see that your cream is extra fluffy with even stiffer peaks.


#4 Get Rid of Egg Shell Bits

No matter how experienced a baker you are, there will be times that your egg cracking skills will be less than perfect. This means getting unwanted bits of eggshell in your bowl. Removing them can be a real challenge. Here’s a tip to make it easy. Dip your finger in water and put it near the shell. Watch as the shell gets drawn to it and then fish it out. It’s almost as if your finger is a magnet!


#5 No More Sticky Stuff on Your Hands

When you bake you will inevitably find yourself handling sticky dough. Getting it all over your hands can not only be a hassle, washing or wiping them reduces the amount of dough you’re working with. The answer is unbelievably simple. Wet your hands before handling the sticky stuff.


#6 Rescue Hardened Brown Sugar

Brown sugar has the tendency to harden. It can be frustrating when you have all your ingredients only to find that your entire jar of brown sugar feels like a rock. All you need to do is to scrape it into a bowl and pop it in the microwave for about 20 seconds. This will loosen up the sugar particles and make it ready for use.

Prevent hardening by storing your brown sugar with a marshmallow.


We hope this post helps make your baking life easier and even more fun. Got any baking hacks you want to share with other readers? Let them know by leaving a comment below.

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